Hi and welcome to our website… Internet Marketing Joint Ventures.

If you are here you most likely have made a commitment in wanting to get your product to market quickly and in the most efficient way as possible… you also understand the hard core frustrations of having to market your product, the techno mumbo jumbo when it comes to internet marketing, and believe it or not most people will not have any type of business plan for their internet business… why because they think just a website is good enough…anyway more about that shortly.

Let me introduce ourselves…

Hi I’m Donna and my business partner is Mark Buhagiar… together we have combined well over 10 years experience in internet marketing.

Our backgrounds differ considerably but the beauty about this business partnership is that we complement each other perfectly in the sense of what we bring to the table within the business.

Here’s why…

Over the last 22 years Mark has built up, and successfully run and sold a number of businesses in the areas of information technology and software development. My background has been around hard core sales and marketing and I am a copywriter specifically for online activity.

We both know through our decades of experience that most people fail not because they haven’t got a good product… they can have the best product around but where they tend to fall down is they don’t have the skills associated with the planning, the marketing and the systems required to build a successful business model.
There are 3 critical key areas that most people stumble with when it comes to marketing online:

  1. The Marketing Plan or Business Model I guess it’s here where most people fall down and they tend not to do enough around the marketing side of their product or business.
  2. And specifically from the copywriting aspect …whether it’s a video or long sales copy letter you need to use effective copywriting skills and techniques to be able to get your message across in the most effective and concise way to engage your audience or your potential client. You need to use the techniques that good copywriters know… on how to get your message across effectively to help achieve a good click through rate and a good conversion rate for your message to convert into dollars.
  3. Finally the technical aspects – most people have real trouble with this. They don’t understand how to set up their domain. They don’t understand how to deal with secure shopping carts or what to do with credit cards when they receive the numbers or more importantly what their legal requirements are as well. The whole technical aspect really creates a huge stumbling block for most people when they are trying to get their product off the ground.

As I mentioned before… it’s not as if you don’t have the ability to produce a good product – most of the products we come across are excellent quality! The biggest problem is with the 3 critical key areas I mentioned before…

The Business Plan

The Copywriting

The Technical Info

These are the specific areas that really have most people procrastinating and not doing anything.

So this is probably the best news you are looking for right now…

Mark and I have combined our talents and expertise to put together a number of plans in which we propose to Joint Venture with you. All you have to do is bring your product to us and we will provide the business focus by using our skills in conjunction with our teams of people, taking your product to market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our aim is to provide you with the…

Marketing Strategy

All the Copywriting

The Websites

The Blogs

E-Commerce facilities

Technical Resources

In fact all of the marketing and technical aspects so that you are free to do what you do best and that is to create and develop your product.

The aim, as joint venture partners is that we both make money from the ongoing activities of this JV. We are fully committed to moving you forward… ensuring that your product makes you money.

We have put together a business which focuses very specifically on a couple of key areas for example…

If you have an e-Book

An idea or content for a Membership Site

A specific Product or Service

Perhaps you need to till fill a Seminar or Workshop.

So basically we have a package to suit you, which can help you get your products to market as quickly and efficiently as possible … on the side of this page there are a number of buttons which I invite you to explore.

Choose the one that fits your product or service the best.

e-Book Joint Ventures – eBooks are great products …but it’s no good having a great product if there is no marketing plan

Membership Site Joint Ventures – great continuity income but understand marketing and high end content is essential to make your membership program work

Product Joint Ventures – the key here is putting the business strategy in place for your prospects to finally understand the real value of your product

Seminar Joint Ventures – the critical aspect here is having your marketing strategy and model in place to fill your seminar or workshop… and that means “bums on seats” petty fast so that you know your numbers

Once you click on these buttons you can read more about these packages and each one will give you all the information you need to know to Joint Venture with us.

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!