An Important Message….. Understand that even if a product is great… without a business model or a plan to market your product… it is dead before you begin!

“Are You Working up a Nervous Sweat on
How To Get Bums on Seats at Your Next Workshop or Seminar?…. Don’t Let it be Your Problem Anymore!
This is What Everyone is Looking For…
And What No One Else Offers YOU!

Imagine Giving Someone Else the Problem and
Having It… All Done For YOU!

Discover Your Business Model to Filling Your Next Seminar or Workshop Fast…
and Bring in the BIG Bucks NOW!

From: Mark Buhagiar and Donna Cox
Location: Sydney, Australia

Subject: How to simply market your workshop/seminar offline and online… you bring the product to the table and we will do the rest to market the whole project for you… filling your workshop/seminar in no time. This means everything from the marketing plan, strategy, sales copy, advertising structure, website built, graphics, ecommerce and all the technical information you could ever ask for…

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

If you are interested in how to fast track filling your seminar or workshop … then this is going to be the most exciting message you have ever read.

Here’s why:

Internet Marketing Joint Ventures…. covers everything you need to know about the most critical aspects when it comes to filling your workshop or seminar. Having a business model in place is “your marketing strategy”…… no doubt about that.

Imagine knowing that your marketing strategy will instantly give you the satisfaction that your workshop or seminar will be filled whether it’s for 20 people or 1000 people. Wouldn’t that be great?

Or better still what about if you could have your workshop or seminar filled in a 6 week window. How would that feel if you could do this?

Imagine being able to walk into your workshop or seminar that is packed to the rafters full of eager and hungry clients and not only that you have literally 100?s of people hanging out on the wait list. It truly is possible, but you need to know how to attract bums on seats.

That’s what Internet Marketing Joint Ventures can help you to do.

And to be truthful… no one else offers this kind of service that will fast track filling your seminar or workshop.


There are no companies that will give you the whole business model to make it work!

Please let us explain…

If you knew everything there is to know about internet marketing and offline marketing then it?s simple to market your seminar or workshop.

Here are 4 specific ways you can do this…

You can get the knowledge and train yourself… sounds simple but trust me on this it may take a bit of time and research to know what you actually require to fill your workshop or seminar.

You can spend 2-3 years studying offline and online Marketing and spending thousands of dollars understanding every aspect or strategy on the “how to”… and then still can’t seem to get bods on seats!

You can spend many years learning and ‘not doing’ … hence not making money! Your hard earned cash goes out the door on so called training courses learning SEO, Google AdWords, keywords, video marketing, copywriting and the latest Internet Buzz Words (which I might add will be outdated by the time you market anyway!) and not to mention the added software costs required to continually market to your list.

Or YOU can have the whole business model built for YOU to fill your seminar or workshop!

Here’s what you’ll discover…

Where to start? What to do? How to Prepare? Who to listen to? What NOT to do? All your questions AND MORE are addressed

AT LAST! Absolutely everything you need to get your workshop/seminar filled fast!

At your fingertips without wasting long tiresome hours researching the ‘how to’ marketing business model

ZERO RISK FOR YOU! Why… we are investing in YOU!……….More on this later

The 3 Critical Key Areas that both newbie and experienced marketing entrepreneurs struggle with…..solved!

And that’s just a fraction of what you’ll get by joint venturing with us.

In the beginning I (Donna that’s me) too was bedazzled and bewildered with everything you needed to know about marketing … it took mee a good few years to truly get a grip on just the basics of online and offline marketing, let alone get my head around the terminology.

You see there are 3 major frustrations when it comes to marketing wether it’s online or offline when it comes to filling a workshop or seminar and these are in fact the same 3 frustrations of internet marketing in general.

I’m sure you can actually relate to all these frustrations…

1. Your Marketing Strategy or Business Model… yes even for a workshop or seminar this is so important and includes offline and online marketing. So many people do not even plan how they are going to market getting bums on seats… so to speak and don’t know where start or what to do.

2. Sales Copy …. Copywriting whether it’s long, short, video script, or an email funnel… the words that you choose are hugely important in the whole process…this area can certainly make or break you!

3. Technical Information… what can we say? This is a huge stumbling block in anyone’s market portfolio and the truth is no one really gets it or they don’t really want to know or understand the techno mumbo jumbo of it. And trust me this is NOT just about finding an IT person … you need more than someone saying to you when things go wrong… “Turn your computer off and then restart it. That should fix the problem!”……. haven’t we all heard this famous phrase before? And don’t you just hate it!

I can certainly sympathise with you… I’ve been through it all before as well!

I’m hearing you loud and clear!

In fact I would never have imagined having this much experience or understanding, let alone feel comfortable about passing my knowledge on to any entrepreneur or interested entrepreneurs in the making that are wanting to have this all done for them!

But it’s true! And it’s official we have NOW created the Ultimate Business Model that everyone has been calling out for… for so long!

So here’s what we did and how we set out to help people like you!

But first let us introduce our business and tell you how our business came about…

Internet Marketing Joint Ventures

The One Stop Shop of Internet Marketing and What No One Else Offers YOU…
Imagine Having the Whole Thing Done For YOU!”

You know what…… I would never do it all again by myself.

With hind site and Internet Marketing Joint Ventures I could have marketed my products in just a few short days let alone up to 12 months before anything was up and running.

There are so many disciplines to get your head around when it comes to this stuff … I so wish Internet Marketing Joint Ventures was around back then… it would have brought the dollars in a lot sooner had I teamed up with professionals who knew exactly what they were doing.

Anyway can’t cry over spilt milk here…let’s move on and talk about you.

I’m guessing you have the exact same frustrations – not knowing where to start or even how to set up that first marketing mind map that will create your marketing strategy.

So Who are We and Why Should You Listen to Us?

We are Mark Buhagiar and Donna Cox of Internet Marketing Joint Ventures. Mark and I (Donna…that’s me) sat next each other in one of the many workshops we did a few years ago. We got chatting …it seemed Mark was also there to learn different skill-sets for his business. His expertise was in hard core IT Business, Software Development and Internet Consulting for 22 years. My expertise was in Corporate Sales and Marketing for 20 years and Copywriting. We also worked out we had been coming along to same Internet workshops for a number of years.

So together we realised that not only did we compliment each other’s skills but combined we had between us another 10+ years of Internet Marketing experience plus another lot of uniquely combined personal skill-sets to add to our career portfolio. All that combines to give us the edge when it comes to internet marketing.

Our brains at this stage were ticking over… our first initial thoughts were…. wouldn’t it be great if someone could come along and ‘do it all for you’!

It?s what you have been dreaming of! …….Right?

This is when we decided that we had our very own unique product to help others do what everyone struggles to do …it’s what everyone is looking for when it comes to marketing their workshop or seminar… the whole box and dice… done for YOU!

Internet Marketing Joint Ventures – one business, one company and 2 teams of people handling and driving the 3 critical key areas I mentioned previously that frustrates everyone:

Marketing Strategy


Technical Information

So first let me tell you straight up…

What This Business Is Not!

It’s not…..

A ‘Do It Yourself’ type programme … if you want to learn the nuts and bolts on how to put everything together… this is NOT for you

It’s not one of those “over-hyped or get-rich-quick” schemes

It does NOT require a massive upfront investment

It does NOT require you to quit your day job and sit in front of a computer for hours

It does NOT require you to go out and sell your eBook to other internet marketers

Now just to clarify a couple of these points here when I say it’s not a ‘do it yourself programme’. Yes, we do the whole lot … however that doesn’t mean that you won’t learn anything… you will definitely pick up valuable skills as we work together.

Also as I mentioned ‘it does not require you to quit your day job’. Later on, however you will certainly want to achieve enough passive income to be able to throw the day job… but that doesn’t mean you will then be sitting in front of a computer doing this stuff. Being part of our joint venture program allows you to then continue to plan your next workshop or seminar and time to build your products for these events while we take care of the rest.

Now we hope that gives you some clarity on whether this product is what you are looking for… We’ll be quit frank here… you just need to ask yourself whether you just want to create and plan the seminars and let us do everything else to market your workshop or seminar offline and online and bring in the big bucks!

We Know That’s What YOU Secretly Desire… Isn’t It?
Someone to Come Along and Do All the Hard Stuff For YOU!

Mark and I both know through our decades of experience that most people fail not because they haven’t got a good product… they can have the best product around but they fall down because they just don’t have the skills associated with the planning, the marketing and the systems required to build a successful business model.

Our aim is to provide you with a marketing strategy, all the copywriting, the websites, the blogs, E-commerce facilities, all of the marketing technical aspects specifically to get people into your workshop or seminar… so that you are free to do what you do best and that is to create and develop your products.

Just so you know that you’re in good hands…here are some facts:

Mark Buhagiar is the Author of “Making Money from Internet Marketing” and Co-Author of “The Relationship Age” (a book about social media in today’s economy)

He has expertise in information’s system, software development, and software sales

Donna Cox is a Copywriter – specifically for online sales copy and offline advertisements, editorials… coached and trained by the some of the best copywriters in the industry – Bret Thomson and Pete Godfrey

Donna is a Self-Published eBook Author and has Corporate Sales, Marketing and Event management experience

We both believe that on-going education is essential to our continued success and we are continually investing in ourselves with Leading Global Marketing Experts for the latest up-to-date information… we don’t want to miss any new improved techniques or any newbie internet marketing sensations that may come out overnight!

Make no mistake…this is the real deal – having your workshop/seminar business model all done for you by Joint Venturing with us.

No smoke – No mirrors – No B.S – No Hype – No hard sell – Just what you have been waiting for…. everything done for YOU!

There are so many hard and fast ways on ‘how to organise a workshop or seminar for your product’ but definitely no hard and fast ways to market your workshop or seminar so that’s where we come in….

To Joint Venture With Us!

Please Understand… There is a lot of stuff we are giving you here. We don’t leave any stone unturned. We will provide the marketing strategy, all of the tools and resources to quickly fill your workshop or seminar and tap into an endless source of passive income… Faster than you could ever think possible!

Here’s a quick overview…

There is one main package for you to choose when it comes to joint venturing with us… The Ultimate Seminar / Workshop Package… all done for you!

Here’s a list of what the Ultimate Package includes…

Internet Marketing Joint Ventures Ultimate eBook Package Includes…

Up Front Strategy Meeting

Website Package Inclusive of:

  • Core Setup

  • Standard Site Design

  • Graphics Package

  • Custom Design Service

  • E-Commerce

  • Initial Content Load

  • Video Pages

  • Video Training

  • Blog

  • Exclusive Phone Consulting Service


Video Scripts

Business Marketing Strategy

Video Traffic Generation Techniques

PPC Management (Per Per Click)

Payment Gateways – setup and configuration

Email Funnel

Website Hosting

Domain Name Hosting

Graphics – banners, images etc

12 monthly calls

All Software (CRM, E-Commerce, Affiliate System, Auto Responder)

So there you have it…I did pre-warn you that there was a lot to go through. But remember…this is specifically designed to fit around your eBook business – so you’ve got no excuses! There is a package right here for YOU!

Okay Mark and Donna( I hear you say)…this looks expensive…how much will this cost me?

Well that’s the best part! In total, the value for our Workshop or Seminar Marketing Module is $28,576. That’s if you were to hire someone to build the Ultimate Marketing Package for you. And you know what? You will not pay anything like this.

So relax, we’re not that greedy, we’ve come up with a price which is fair for everyone. You can have our “Ultimate Workshop / Seminar Model” for a small investment upfront fee of $11,997 plus a 35% share of the income your workshop or seminar brings in. See we mentioned earlier that we had a vested interest to make it work for you…right? If it doesn’t work for you… it doesn’t work for us! So we are just as motivated as you to make it work! Simple as that!

And we’ve even made it easier for you by allowing you to pay off the upfront fee in 3 easy instalments.

Let’s put things into perspective here…You try and start up your own traditional business for $4997… Let me tell you . . . you won’t last long! Any smart business person knows this!

Here’s how you can be sure that we will help you succeed

If you can’t plainly see that we’re laying out the success path for you with this opportunity, then basically, we haven’t done our job well enough in writing to you. So if you’re seriously interested but just want to feel secure in making your decision, then here’s how we can take the risk away from you…


Hey, you’re our customer. And I understand this is a big decision for you. If you’re not happy, it looks bad on us. We want you be completely satisfied with your decision to joint venture with us. So to make it easier for you we are offering a 30 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE… if you get in and decide this is not for you then you have this “30 day cooling off period” to fall back on. No questions asked! Just simply whip off an email or jump on the phone to us and we’ll happily refund your money in full (in fact, we’ll be embarrassed to keep it).


That’s about as fair as it gets, don’t you agree?

Now for the smart people reading this now who have already decided to take action and realise that this is a sure fire solution to fast-track your marketing strategy to fill your upcoming workshop or seminar and have the time to continually churn out products to market building on the business model to passive income. So if you want to Joint Venture with us call now on 1300 766 812 and we can get you started in no time!

Okay so let’s take another quick look at what you get….

What You Get…



Joint Venture With Us… To fill your Workshop or Seminar! $11,997 (+35% Income)

Up Front Strategy Meeting



Website Package






Video Scripts



Business Marketing Strategy



Video Traffic Generation Techniques



Adwords Strategy and Training



Payment Gateways – setup & configuration



Website Hosting & Domain Hosting






12 monthly Progress Meetings (via Skype) plus Exclusive Membership Site Access



All Software (CRM, E-Commerce, Affiliate System, Auto Responder)



Total Value:



Up Front Fee or Mobilisation Fee
+ Investment Share

$11,997 or 4x$3,297 +35% Income

Everything included to get your marketing machine working… everything is yours… inclusive and all you pay is $11,997 +35% share of the income on getting bums on seats to fill your workshop or seminar.

Now that’s the real deal! You’re not going to get that kind of service anywhere else in marketing land.

So if you have a burning passion to have your workshop or seminar filled in as little as 4 weeks and you had to choose between slogging away and doing it yourself, taking up all your time or having “all done for YOU” … What would you choose?

It’s a “No Brainer”. Wouldn’t you agree?

So, here’s what to do next….

Simply fill in the “Expression of Interest Application Form” below or pick up the phone now and call us on 1300 766 812.

Well that’s it from us…

If you have any pressing questions or concerns – then don’t sit on them and do nothing – jump on the phone and we’ll do our best to answer them for you 1300 766 812.

What have you got to lose?

To Your Success,

Mark Buhagiar and Donna Cox
Internet Marketing Joint Ventures


Don’t forget, you’re getting a business model worth $28,576 for just a fraction of that price just $11,997! It’s everything you need for the most critical aspect when it comes to filling the room full of eager, hungry clients to your workshop or seminar… getting bums on seats is not your problem anymore…. it’s ours!!!